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Name: Abstract Red

SKU: ACJS-312-137

Size: 20"H x 20"W x 2.5"D


"Abstract" is an expressive modern splash of color that covers the spectrum. Each giclee print celebrates a wave of a more single color.  We suggest hanging "Abstract" as a set of 4 - to create a large art piece as the artist intended. 

Framed under acrylic shadowbox and mounted with details of nickel nail head in each corner. 

This artwork is a series of four images.  Each is sold individually. 
Abstract Red (ACJS-312-137); Abstract Green (ACJS-312-138); Abstract Orange (ACJS-312-139); and Abstract Blue (ACJS-312-140). 
May be hung individually for a single impact of chosen color, or as a set of the 4 to create large wash of color.  

Measurement: 20"H x 20"D x 2.5'D

Materials: acrylic shadowbox frame, interior mount board, paper.

This item is custom framed. Production time is 3-4 weeks. Please call our Customer Service Department with any questions at (866) 960-7930

Abstract Blue Abstract Green Abstract Orange

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