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Name: Zebra Blue Ice Bucket

SKU: ACBS-393-04

Size: 10.5"H x 6.5"D


The Scalamandre zebra ice bucket in the color of blue is your pop of color for the bar or buffet. Just add a bottle of champagne or vodka! You may also use the container as a dramatic and colorful vase for that special floral arrangement. 

Its for the adventurer in us all. 

A little background history:   Originally designed in the 1940's for the Gino of Capri restaurant, lovingly know as "Ginos" by New Yorkers, Scalamandre restored the Zebras wallcovering in the upper east side institution in the 1970's after it was destroyed in a fire. Flora Scalamandre, wife of Franco, free handed the signature motif that would come to be known as the iconic Scalamandre zebras. 

The pattern is celebrated the world over in design and in the movies. It was featured in the "Royal Tannebaums" and "Mightly Aphrodite". The pattern design has grown in color offerings and mediums.

Materials: porcelain

This is a new introduction. Production is underway and will be available soon.

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