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Name: Crewel Summer Bowl

SKU: ACCS-351-02

Size: 6.5"H x 16" Diameter


 As part of their Madcap Cottage for PORT 68 collection, we love the contrast of the meadow green exterior of the center basin bowl and the Summer Crewel interior pattern inside.  Its all in fun!

The overall pattern name Crewel Summer is a joyful classic crewelwork needlepoint. Strawberries, lemons, and other botanicals come together into a timeless mix of color that brings the garden indoors

 Perfect on the counter, or on the sideboard used as a planter. So many uses which allows you to be adventurous in decorating the home.

You may want to add a lucite base under the bowl. Lucite stands are ever so chic. We suggest a size of 7" or larger in diameter. The assortment of stands may be viewed under the tab of "stands". We offer 1" and 2" heights in round and square shapes.

Measurements: 6.5"H x 16" diameter.

Materials: porcelain

Item in stock!

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